• Introducing SpeedBox

    Safely install or replace any ceiling fixture in seconds

  • What is SpeedBox?

    SpeedBox is a patented mounting system for ceiling fans and light fixtures that cuts the installation time for new fixtures by as much as 80% and reduces the need for a licensed electrician in most installations.


    By dramatically improving the ease-of-use, physical accessibility, and time required to install a ceiling fixture, SpeedBox reduces costs and opens up a variety of new opportunities for homeowners, builders, fixture manufacturers, and commercial and residential building owners and property managers.
  • Who is SpeedBox for?

    Available as retrofit kit for Builders & Homeowners or an integrated design option for Lighting & Ceiling Fan Manufacturers

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    Lighting & Ceiling Fan Manufacturers

    Differentiate & drive brand loyalty 

    Differentiate your product line and drive brand loyalty by incorporating SpeedBox fittings into your product design for a faster & easier installation process accessible to a wider audience.

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    Builders & Architects

    Lower labor costs & higher customer value

    Specify SpeedBox in place of traditional ceiling fan boxes to minimize overhead for fixture installation and offer more flexibility in fixture selection to clients & prospective buyers.

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    Homeowners & Renters

    Flexibility & accessibiliy

    Retrofit existing ceiling boxes with SpeedBox fittings so fixtures can be easily removed or replaced when cleaning or redecorating.

  • Uses & benefits of SpeedBox

    • Seasonal redecorating - Homeowners can enjoy the cool breeze of a ceiling fan during the summer months and then easily replace their fan with a chandelier during the winter months.
    • Extreme weather preparation - Homeowners can quickly and easily remove exterior fans and chandeliers in preparation for a coming hurricane or tropical storm.
    • Easy fixture cleaning - Homeowners can remove and replace existing fixtures in a snap to enable seasonal cleaning.
    • Faster & easier installation - Builders and homeowners enjoy easier installation and reduced costs for new and replacement fixture installation.
    • Increase brand loyalty - Ceiling fan & lighting manufacturers can incorporate a proprietary SpeedBox coupling into their fixture designs so homeowners gravitate to their brand for replacement fixture purchases.
    • Reduce construction costs - Builders can budget fewer hours required from electrical trades on new construction & remodel projects.
    • Offer more customization options at lower cost - Home builders and landlords can offer prospective buyers or renters more flexibility in fixture types or offer fixture upgrades with minimal overhead for installation.

  • Meet the SpeedBox team

    Send us a note to schedule a meeting and learn more about SpeedBox.

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